Pollution  of  Aquatic systems  (For Example:  lakes,  rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater)  by  large amounts  of  waste  material  that  modify  the  water  in  negative fashion  is  termed  as  Aquatic  Pollution. This  type  of  ecological  poverty occurs when  harmful  pollutants  are  into  aquatic  systems  discharged  either directly  or  indirectly    without removal of harmful compounds. Aquatic pollution  rightly leads to suffering of organisms   and   vegetation   that   survive  in water ,as well as   amphibians. The   initial source  of  Aquatic  pollution   mainly  consists of Industrial  waste, Mining  activities, Sewage  and waste water, Marine dumping, Burning of fossil fuels, Accidental Oil leakage, Global warming,  Atmospheric  deposition, Urban  development   etc.

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